Posted 20 May 2012 in New Releases, News

Dissonant Hum’s 3rd release, Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men is now available, and has been reviewed on many web sites and blogs. You can find out more about the release at Jack Donovan’s web site. Booksellers can order the paperback edition of The Way of Men through Ingram. Paperback; 978-0985452308 List Price: $14.00

2nd Release, All About Women – Now Available for Kindle

Posted 15 Feb 2012 in News

The second release from comes from the infamous Simon Sheppard, one of the “Heretical Two.” All About Women, originally a photocopied pamphlet with a ‘zine’ feel, this piece of vintage misogyny has been formatted for Kindle and will only be released as an e-book. It has a working Table of Contents and includes scans of Sheppard’s original charts and quotations.    All About Women should be of interest to misanthropes, nihilists, gamers, PUAs, MRAs, anti-feminists, crackpots, conspiracy theorists, race-realists, misogynists and free speech advocates. All About Women is now available—with some irony—through At least, it will be for as long as Big Sister allows it. Download it today for your Kindle, or read it with a Kindle app...

First Release, Blood-Brotherhood – Now Available for Kindle

Posted 07 Aug 2011 in News

The first release, Blood-Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance (2nd Ed.) is now available for purchase and download via Kindle. My co-author Nathan F. Miller and I have long thought that our book about Blood-Brotherhood missed out on a wider audience because our comprehensive, cross-cultural research on blood-brotherhood stories and traditions was book-ended by subject matter targeted for a limited audience. This summer, I edited and revised the book for a general male readership, and re-formatted the book for Kindle. Blood-Brotherhood opens with an essay about the almost exclusively male phenomenon of making blood-brotherhood, and its relevance today. The real meat of the book is a survey of blood-brotherhood myths and traditions as they have been told...